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The idente missionaries of Lima in the Carismo Expo “Give the best of yourself”

By 5 November, 2018January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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On October 27, the Expo Carisma “Give the best of yourself” took place in Lima; a vocational meeting for young people organized by the archbishopric. It consisted of a set of activities like testimonies, concerts and talks that allowed the attendees to understand the true meaning of being an outgoing church. It was a day of celebration in which the different religious communities, among them the idente missionaries, exposed our charism to the young people, and to the people who attended.

Among the testimonies, a video-documentary of the work carried out by our Institute around the world was presented. It was also a great opportunity to share with young people, students, teachers and religious the activities we do in Peru: the Idente Youth, the next National Camp 2019, the Idente voluntariate, the meetings of the Universal Youth Parliament with the theme “Peace under Construction”, the days of the Idente Family; but above all to share our charism under the canon of the word Father.

The Expo Carisma was also a demonstration of how unity does not mean “uniformity”, and that our Heavenly Father has blessed the Church with diverse charisms that, from their particularities, bear witness to Christ. This day was an invitation to remember what Pope Francis tells us: “When God calls a person by name, he reveals at the same time his vocation, his project of holiness and good, for which that person will become someone unique and a gift for the others” (Pope Francis).