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The Universidad Peruana Austral del Cusco entrusts the University Pastoral to the idente missionaries.

By 28 October, 2019January 3rd, 2023No Comments
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In September, the vice-rector of the Universidad Peruana Austral del Cusco, who knows some missionaries well, asked us to take charge of the University Pastoral. It is important to mention that the university has signed an agreement with the Archbishopric of Cusco, which is why they spoke with the Archbishop of Cusco, who welcomed the idea, expressing his joy at the richness of our charism and encouraging us to carry out this mission in coordination with Father Hebert Challco, responsible for the University Pastoral of Cusco.

At the end of September, five young people attended the Missionary Youth Congress, organized by the Archdiocese of Cusco, as representatives of the nascent university ministry.

On Tuesday, October 12, the Mass and Blessing of the University premises took place. The celebration was presided by Monsignor Richard Daniel Alarcón Urrutia, Archbishop of Cusco, who in his homily stated that “Each one of you is like a living stone that builds the structure of the university, you are the most important thing, there is no point in blessing walls, there is no point in blessing laboratories, if you do not worry about making that blessing touch the minds and hearts of each of the students; that gives meaning to its complete being, so that the university generates new men and women for a new society that we need so much today”.

At the end of the ceremony, Monsignor Alarcón expressed his joy in encouraging us to continue bringing the youth closer to Christ and to do good in this study house.