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New acolytes welcomed to serve at the altar in St. Luke’s Parish

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September 26, 2021 was a joyful day in the history of St. Luke’s Parish as the Rev. Fr. Cristobal Martin M.Id commissioned twelve new acolytes. Children from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds but all had the same desire to be close to Jesus and to serve at the altar. They were presented with medals that were in the shape of the Jerusalem Cross. The medals were from Jerusalem and were made of Olive wood.
During the homily, Deacon Orlando Mancilla stressed on the point that what Christ desires from each one of us is to be servants of everyone especially the weak. This is because it is only by serving others that God can sanctify us through them and thus, we can live eternal life here on earth. Before the ceremony, Fr. Cristobal also spoke a few words. He notes how throughout the ages, the service of the altar servers has been a source of sanctity for many boys and girls. Thus, in one sense the altar servers are altars.
The kids were filled with joy and happiness at being newly commissioned. Due to the pandemic, the commissioning had been delayed and so for each one of them it was a moment of fruition.
During the time of the pandemic due to restrictions, all the in-person activities in the parish had come to a halt. Due to the recent lifting of the regulations some of the in-person activities have started to resume with necessary precautionary measures. One of the first activities to resume was the School of Acolytes program. A group of 25-30 kids meets once every two weeks and are formed not just in the practical aspects of being an altar server but also on the spiritual aspects of it. Br. Loyce Pinto M.Id accompanies the kids in their faith life and formation.
St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church, Brentwood, New York is a parish in the diocese of Rockville Center and is administered by the Idente Missionaries since June 2012. The parish is one of the biggest Hispanic parishes in Rockville Center. Its pastor is Rev. Fr. Cristobal Martin, M. Id. The associate pastor is Rev. Fr. Camillo Lugo. The youth ministers are Br. Carlos Lindao, M. Id and Br. Loyce Pinto, M. Id.