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Motus Christi 2024 in New York

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They came from Long Island and the Bronx, from different towns near and far, but all of them—nearly 60 young adults—brought their hunger for a deeper life to this year’s Motus Christi. They gathered at the Faith Formation Center of Saint Dominic’s Parish in the Bronx on February 19th for reflection, prayer and sharing during this time of Lent.

Fr. Fernando Real, M.Id, General Superior of the men’s branch of the Idente Missionaries, offered reflections on our personal relationship with Christ, and the attitudes that keep us from Christ: pride, anger, conflict, comfort, lust, laziness, irresponsibility. He urged us to live daily prayer, reading of the Gospel, Eucharist, and spiritual direction. Sr. Rose Calabretta, M.Id, Legate of the General Superior of the women’s branch in the United States, spoke to us about the causes of an imbalance in our soul and spirit, and how to be free by choosing what is the highest good, ultimately the will of our Heavenly Father, who invested His love in our name.

Everyone was touched by the speakers and their talks. At the end of the Motus Christi, the participants shared their impressions in their respective groups of Spanish- and English-speakers. What among their impressions were their commitment to living a deeper life of prayer, the need to help their companions in their faith, and trusting in the help of the Holy Spirit.

But it did not end there! Many of the young people signed up to continue meeting monthly to continue their formation in the spiritual life, growing more deeply in Christ and sharing His love.