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World Conference on the Centenary of Fernando Rielo (1923-2023)

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Fernando Rielo: Founder, Thinker, Poet

Keys to its present relevance in the fields of philosophy and theology

If you were unable to attend the congress, or would like to listen to the keynote speeches again, there is no need to worry. The plenary sessions are available in Spanish in streaming on our YouTube channel.

The Conference, held online on October 25, 26, and 27, brought together 120 expert voices, with over 800 participants from nearly 40 countries, to explore the most notable aspects of the life and work of Fernando Rielo. It was organized by the Fernando Rielo Foundation and the Idente Foundation for Studies and Research, with the support of the Pontifical University of Salamanca and the Technical University of Loja. The occasion was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fernando Rielo’s birth, a man who embodied the roles of religious founder, thinker, and poet. All these dimensions were inseparable from his life, dedicated to serving God and others.

He founded the Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer, Idente Missionaries and Missionaries, which was recognized in 2009 by His Holiness Benedict XVI as an Institute of Consecrated Life of Pontifical Right and today is present on four continents. He has also launched numerous initiatives to promote education, culture and social goods: the World Prize for Mystical Poetry, the International Prize for Sacred Music, World Conferences on Metaphysics, the cultural foundation that bears his name, the Idente Youth, and the Idente Family.

As a thinker, his concept of metaphysics (Being +) enables a re-evaluation of the Absolute in relation to all sciences within the universal horizon of human knowledge. In particular, with his “genetic” approach, he contributed to a “mystical conception of anthropology” His description of human nature as body-soul-spirit, defined by the divine presence, protects and elevates the most valuable aspects of thought, art and community life.

As a poet, Fernando Rielo promoted, by his own example, a renaissance of mystical poetry, which he considered a sublime genre, the pinnacle of world literature, and an invaluable manifestation of Hispanic culture in particular.

The keynote speeches were given by Bishop Raúl Berzosa, Bishop Emeritus of Ciudad Rodrigo, who highlighted the importance of Fernando Rielo’s work and outlined ten key aspects of his contributions to philosophy and theology; Father Guillermo Juan Morado, who summarized Rielo’s thinking as openness, relationship and love; and Professor Ricardo Piñero, who explored beauty and the path to the light of beauty as expressed by Rielo’s work “In the Heart of the Father.”

This Conference was an important milestone in the understanding and study of the life and work of Fernando Rielo and its relevance in the current context, highlighting the importance of unity and dialogue in these challenging times. It aspires to mark the beginning of a new phase in the projection of Fernando Rielo’s work, which is already beginning to be discovered in the most important areas of people’s lives. In a time of turmoil and conflict between nations, confusion in education, family, public life, personal identity, and fear of the future, a Conference like this is a true light, as we remember that “the 21st century will be mystical or it will not be,” as André Malraux said, and as Karl Rahner wrote, “Christianity in the 21st century will be mystical or it will not be.”

The President of the Conference, Luis Casasús, thanked the members of the Committee of Honour for their words of encouragement and their tireless support. He thanked Cardinal José Cobo (Archbishop of Madrid) and Cardinal Osoro (Archbishop Emeritus of Madrid), Bishop José Luis Retana, Bishop of Salamanca and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, as well as the Magnificent Rectors of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, the Technical University of Loja, the Pontifical Comillas University, the Francisco de Vitoria University, and the President of the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia. Finally, he encouraged us to join the intentions of a humble yet great fighter for peace, Pope Francis, who, in this time, through the Synod, seeks the unity and harmony of believers and all of humanity.

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