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Our mission in Chile in communion and connection from home

By 6 May, 2020January 3rd, 2023Chili
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It has been months since the coronavirus, which seemed so far away, arrived in Chile, and with it the measures of quarantine, self-care, social isolation, teleworking, and compulsory confinement. These are certainly times in which the transcendental questions of the human being about the meaning of life, work, pain, family, and one’s relationship with God and others are presented to us most.

All this has not prevented us from living with renewed impetus and enthusiasm the love of the Gospel, the transmission of the Kingdom and the union with the Divine Persons, through various activities such as these: spiritual direction, encounters with the Gospel, participatory celebration of the daily Eucharist in our St. Alberto Hurtado Parish, transmission of the Sunday Eucharist in our Monastery of Our Lady of Mystical Life, celebration of Holy Week, spiritual talks by our brothers and sisters, Universal Youth Parliament, Confirmation and Catechesis, with the finishing touch of the international Motus Christi for Youth and Adults that our President and Superiors General hold weekly.

While each person’s participation varies according to the possibilities, their testimonies are touching in referring to the importance of the Eucharist in these times of pandemic, to be able to share their experiences and enrich them in the light of the Gospel, valuing the testimony of our brothers, and especially the richness and spiritual depth of our charism.

We ask our Heavenly Father that he continue to guide us in a filial conscience, being faithful to the apostolic ardor with which our Father Founder lived, especially in these moments of so much suffering of humanity; qto help us contribute with our prayer, living in coherence, giving the best of ourselves and uniting ourselves with our daily commitment to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.