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73 years of leaving light footprints

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On May 2nd, the Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Luz, in our mission in Peru, celebrated 73 years of foundation! This year’s celebration, in spite of the social confinement, was characterized by unity through the celebration of Holy Mass. The Eucharist was a true encounter, where the physical distances were shortened, in it, the whole educational community united to participate through reading, singing, petitions and commemorating this anniversary together.

The Mass was celebrated by our Brother Ricardo Bachiller, Provincial Superior of Chile. In the homily, recognizing that education is a challenge, he reminded us all of the mission to form the students in true ecstasy, under the light of the pedagogy of love, evoking the words of our Father and Founder, that children and young people need more than friends, a teacher. He spoke to us of the authority that parents must have by their example, and the importance of seeking ways and means so that family life is marked by the sign of love.

On this anniversary, we also want to recognize the work and effort of the entire educational community, who have a new challenge today: to continue educating children and young people in our society with great economic and social difficulties.

With the work they have been doing, they teach us that there are no obstacles when you want to reach out to others, anything is possible, digital media offer new learning and training experiences; where what is never lacking is love, thus fulfilling the school’s motto: “growing together towards human fullness with Jesus .

Happy 73rd anniversary!