Intense Sunday in our Mission at Saraphee (ChiangMai)

By 30 June, 2018July 31st, 2018Asia, Thailand

As normal, this past 24 of June, festivity of Saint John of Baptist, we celebrated in our Pastoral Center the dominical Holy Mass, which in this opportunity, as something special, included the administration of the Sacrament of  Baptism to a little girl of seven months, named Angela, cousin of one of the member of the Idente Family.

After the Holy Mass and sharing moments of being together with cookies and coffee, we had our monthly meeting with some of the faithful to share spiritual experiences from the common Reading of the Gospel. Some of them were fathers of families, whom their sons were meeting at the same time with an idente missionary who were introducing them to the catechetical program.

Then on the afternoon, we had the monthly appointment with the faithful and friends who are coming more closely to us in order to know the Charisma of The Idente Family.

This activity starts normally with an information meeting, which is centered on the spirituality of family, based on the pontifical documents and the New Testament.

Our brother and sister from Thailand, Thinnakorn and Yotsaya, are organizing these meetings and we can perceive that there are more and more accepting. Usually, then after the meeting, we are sharing the dinner, which is participating in different ways. And following to the animation of music, games, etc which the children and youth in general are especially enjoying.

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