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Fernando Rielo
Founder - Thinker - Poet

Online World Conference

OCT | 25-26-27 | 2023

Relive the Rielo100 Conference!

The recordings of the sessions are now available for you.

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Among the events planned to commemorate the Centennial of the birth of Fernando Rielo (1923-2023) from October 25 to 27, 2023, an online Conference was held, bringing together experts from all over the world to explore aspects of his personality and his work, which provide the basis for a profound renewal of contemporary culture.
The reflections dedicated to Fernando Rielo have addressed the singularity of his contributions in three broad, significant areas of his experience and creativity. 

As the founder of the Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer dente Missionaries (1959), recognized under pontifical right by His Holiness Benedict XVI in 2009 and present on four continents, he also initiated many educational and cultural activities: the World Prize for Mystical Poetry, the International Prize for Sacred Music, the World Conferences on Metaphysics, the cultural Foundation bearing his name, Idente Youth, and the Idente Family.

As a thinker, his conception of metaphysics (being +) provides a reformulation of our vision of the Absolute in relation to all sciences on the universal horizon of human knowledge. His “genetic” approach especially contributes to a “mystical conception of anthropology,” in which the foundations are laid for two domains, general and Christian, whereby the divine presence is communicated to human beings: to all persons from the moment of conception on a constitutive level and to baptized persons receiving Trinitarian grace on a sanctifying level. His delineation of human nature as body-soul-spirit defined by the divine presence enables us to safeguard and elevate what is most valuable in thought, art, and community life.

In the field of formation, his vision of a mystical humanity motivated by the presence and action of the Divine Persons prompted him to formulate education in ecstasy, psychoethics, and syneidotherapy for the treatment of neurosis in consciousness. As the author of essays, he dealt with numerous disciplines, including pedagogy, ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, and theology.

As a poet, Fernando Rielo, through his own example, brought about a renaissance in mystical poetry as a sublime genre, the summit of worldwide artistic expression, and an inestimable manifestation of Hispanic culture in particular.

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Press Review of the Conference

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